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Downsview is shouldering both the 401 and 400 and reaching north to Sheppard Avenue and east to Wilson Heights/Allen Road the neighborhood is a very desirable area due to the proximity of green space, golf clubs and quiet city streets. The area upon which Downsview Park resides has a long and storied history, tracing all the way back to the very founding days of Toronto. Downsview more affordable then the Keele and Lawrence area for land value as Keele and Lawrence has started to become in much more demand. This area is giving families the opportunity to live in a similar area but without the higher price tag. we are starting to see an increase in demand for this area and a transformation due to more people buying their dream home here.

Known for the new Humber River Hospital, Downsview park (French: Parc Downsview) is a large urban park located in the Downsview neighborhood This area is being developed along the routes of the TTC to offering unique shopping experiences and sports related clubs to those who want to explore or play.

Top 5 things we love about Downsview

  • A developing area providing rare opportunties

    Development of residential proprieties and retail space starting in 2005 and continuing today, this area promises a unique living space with very desirable attributes

  • Downsview Park

    Downsview Park is a large urban park located in the Downsview neighborhood. In 1999, the Government of Canada declared it as "Canada's first urban national park." Downsview Park consists of 231.5 hectares (572 acres) The property has been the site of several high-profile events, including two Papal visits and concerts by the Rolling Stones and AC/DC

  • Downsview Dells Park

    Good and safe for family picnics with lots of parking space this greeenspace offers the chance to have long walks under a canopy of green stretching from Exbury Road north to Steeles Avenue and Black Creek Pioneer Village

  • The Downsview Park Sports Centre

    This is a 45,000-square-metre (485,000-square-feet) multi-purpose facility. which includes an indoor recreational facility accommodating approximately 600,000 visitors per year to its soccer, ball hockey and beach volleyball facilities alone with winter field availability. It also accommodates indoor electric go-karting, the HoopDome basketball facility, The Rail Skatepark, an indoor rock climbing gym and the Premier Elite Athlete’s Collegiate (PEAC) school for elite athletes. The National Squash Academy, is a recent addition to the Sports Centre and in October 2013, an ice hockey arena was opened.

  • Access to Toronto and beyond

    West along the 401, will take you to Pearson international Airport. While driving East will take you into North York. The 400 North will take you to Vaughan and the Vaughan Mills Shopping Plaza or out off the city up to cottage country.

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98 VICTORY DR Toronto Ontario W5411771
For sale
369 WILSON AVE Toronto Ontario C5411005
For sale
5 WESTCLIFFE RD Toronto Ontario W5409168
For sale
28 -867 WILSON AVE Toronto Ontario W5408767
For sale
45 KATHERINE RD Toronto Ontario W5407727
For sale
505 -2800 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W5404829
For sale
91 WHITLEY AVE Toronto Ontario W5402886
For sale
160 CALVINGTON DR Toronto Ontario W5389676
For sale
TH102 -2800 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W5389827
For sale
10 WINSTON PARK BLVD N Toronto Ontario W5389632
For sale

10 WINSTON PARK BLVD N Toronto Ontario W5389632

928 -930 WILSON AVE Toronto Ontario W5314098
For sale

928 -930 WILSON AVE Toronto Ontario W5314098

#928 -930 WILSON AVE
91 CALVINGTON DR Toronto Ontario W5377260
For sale

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