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Glen Park is still a very sought after neighborhood by many. Being located in the middle of Lawrence and Eglinton, it is a convenience for many and is very easy to get where you need to go without much traffic or congestion. An area providing many new custom homes and bungalows for those who are looking for more space, privacy, land and convenience.  The area is also popular in demand by Italians and Portuguese and for many, it was a dream to acquire and live in this neighborhood when they were moving away from the congestion. Many families started building large homes for themselves in order to leave the congested downtown and midtown scene but still be a close to the Toronto lifestyle.

Top 5 things we love about Glen Park

  • Centrally Located

    Several major roadways serve as the boundary for Glen Park, Lawrence Avenue to the north, and Bathurst Street to the east. Other major thoroughfares that pass through the neighbourhood include Dufferin Street, and Allen Road. The portion of Allen Road within Glen Park is used as a controlled access highway.

  • You want Schools We got Schools

    Two public school boards operate elementary schools in Morningside, the separate Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), and the secular Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Public elementary schools in the neighborhood include: Glen Park Public School (TDSB) Joyce Public School (TDSB) Regina Mundi Catholic School (TCDSB) Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School (TCDSB) St. Charles Catholic School (TCDSB) Sts. Cosmas and Damian Catholic School (TCDSB) Private schools include the Bialik Hebrew Day School

  • Tostadas Grill

    Latin eatery with a Venezuelan focus offering arepas, tostadas & more in modest, family-run digs. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. The empanadas and the tres leches is especially good. The best plantains in Toronto. Absolutely worth the visit!

  • Sgt Splatters Paintball

    Sgt. Splatter's Toronto has been around for over 25 years and is Canada's largest and best indoor paintball facility. Open 365 days a year! Birthday party package available. Great atmosphere and great staff

  • Glen Long Community Centre

    Great place to take the kids. They can swim in the pool or just play on the playground or open field. Whatever they choose to do sure they will have lots of fun. There is also free park and it's not to busy or crowded so enough space for the kids to enjoy the outdoors.

How much does it cost to live in Glen Park?

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710 -940 CALEDONIA RD Toronto Ontario W5404695
For sale
865 GLENCAIRN AVE Toronto Ontario W5402004
For sale
740 MARLEE AVE Toronto Ontario W5390420
For sale
710 -50 LOTHERTON PTWY Toronto Ontario W5387206
For sale
908 -940 CALEDONIA RD Toronto Ontario W5364775
For sale
704 -100 LOTHERTON PTWY Toronto Ontario W5363405
For sale

704 -100 LOTHERTON PTWY Toronto Ontario W5363405

502 -940 CALEDONIA RD Toronto Ontario W5355138
For sale
204 -100 LOTHERTON PATHWAY WAY Toronto Ontario W5349678
For sale

204 -100 LOTHERTON PATHWAY WAY Toronto Ontario W5349678

1075 GLENCAIRN AVE Toronto Ontario W5346182
For sale

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