Homes for Sale in Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf: An area known for it’s increased demand due to it’s proximity to Maple leaf Drive and Rustic Rd.  It has increased in popularity as it was one of the first areas to start seeing old homes come down and large custom homes being built.

Bordering Lawrence Avenue to the south, Jane Street to the west, Highway 401 to the north, The CNR rail lines east of Keele Street to the east the area has gain popularity for the affordable price of price per lot. Common lot sizes are 50ft frontage.

Many neighbors after a hard day’s work enjoy the Rustic Bakery on Rustic Rd for some pastries, food or great fresh bread and other Italian treats. A great family oriented location for many Italian and Portuguese families. Maple Leaf park is great for the family kids to get out and play.  A very safe and close community.

Top 5 things we love about Maple Leaf

  • A step up for the 2nd time home buyer

    The area is rich in newer home styles featuring fenced in backyards with full driveways. Many have space available for a pool and show off beautiful landscaping

  • Cul-de-sac streets

    If you search long enough you may find your dream home on a quiet cul-de-sac backing onto the North Park. Imagine having your own forest in your backyard.

  • Great schools

    Three public school boards operate schools in Maple Leaf, Conseil scolaire Viamonde (CSV), the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). CSV and TDSB are secular school boards, the former being a French first language school board, whereas the latter is an English first language school board. TCDSB is an English first language separate school board. All three school boards operate elementary and middle schools in the neighbourhood. Public institutions that provide primary education include: Amesbury Middle School (TDSB) Gracefield Public School (TDSB) Maple Leaf Public School (TDSB) École élémentaire Mathieu-da-Costa (CSV) St. Fidelis Catholic School (TCDSB) St. Francis Xavier Catholic School (TCDSB)

  • Roadway Access

    Several major roadways pass through the Maple Leaf, including Black Creek Drive, Keele Street, Lawrence Avenue, and controlled access highways Highway 400, and Highway 401. Hop on the 401 and get to Yorkdale Mall in minutes.

  • Shopping on Caledonia Road

    Retail and showrooms for the DIYers abound on Caledonia road. When it's it's time to renovate, you will know where to go.

How much does it cost to live in Maple Leaf?

Average Detached
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Average Condo Apartment
Average Price Change

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1498 LAWRENCE AVE W Toronto Ontario W8228924
For sale
30 BATTERSEA CRES Toronto Ontario W8217338
For sale
221 GRACEFIELD AVE Toronto Ontario W8213612
For sale
248 RUSTIC RD Toronto Ontario W8213200
For sale
99 FALSTAFF AVE Toronto Ontario W8157442
For sale
214 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W8156588
For sale
203 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W8148298
For sale
25 FALSTAFF AVE Toronto Ontario W8099624
For sale
510 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W8051132
For sale
718 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W7400124
For sale
1 - 4 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W7299702
For sale

1 - 4 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W7299702

#1 - 4 -2522 KEELE ST
1-4 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W7299676
For sale

1-4 -2522 KEELE ST Toronto Ontario W7299676

#1-4 -2522 KEELE ST

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